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Training opportunities at Spiez Laboratory

Spiez Laboratory is also a host company providing upper-secondary level vocational education and training. We offer young people living in the region apprenticeships as chemistry lab technicians. As a rule, two new apprentices are accepted each year.

In addition, we provide internships for young scientists. We collaborate with universities to supervise master’s and PhD students in technical and scientific fields.

A special internship option focusing on handling chemical warfare agents has been specifically devised for young chemists from member states of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

Another part of our tasks is training NBC Defence Lab 1 specialists. In an emergency, these army specialists increase our measuring capability. We seek to offer targeted training modules that can be applied to all areas of expertise.

Further basic and advanced training options

  • Certified training institution for radiation protection specialists for luggage monitoring in X-ray installations, in accordance with Art. 172, RPO 
  • Training for members of international organisations (OPCW, IAEA, WHO, CTBTO, UNEP, ICRC, SDC/SHA)

Spiez Laboratory Austrasse
CH-3700 Spiez
+41 58 468 14 00


Spiez Laboratory

CH-3700 Spiez