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Accredited laboratories

Accreditation allows the authorities, industry and society to determine whether testing, calibration, inspection and certification agencies have the capabilities to carry out the work entrusted them with a high degree of reliability. Accreditation is granted by the Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS).
The following Spiez Laboratory testing services have SAS accreditation:

STS 0019 Testing laboratory for the analysis of samples for the presence of chemical warfare agents and related compounds

  • Methods for processing samples and identifying chemical warfare agents as well as their precursors and degradation products
  • Analysis of samples for the presence of chemical warfare agents and other toxic substances
  • Training of NBC Defence Lab1 specialists of the Swiss Armed Forces in combat agent analytics

STS 0022 Testing laboratory for adsorbents and breathing apparatus filters

  • Calculation of retention time/saturation and breakthrough time of NBC protective filters and activated charcoal when exposed to combat-related poison gases
  • Physical and application technology-related characteristics of activated charcoal
  • Resistance of filters to industrial pollutants in accordance with EN 14387

STS 0028 Testing laboratory for the determination of radionuclides and elemental analysis

  • Determination of radionuclide concentration in environmental samples and other samples of various types and origins
  • Special federal laboratory for measuring radioactivity
  • Environmental sampling procedure
  • Analysis of chemically impregnated activated charcoal
  • Determination of main and trace elements in environmental samples
  • Determination of dust particles and selected air pollutants

STS 0036 Testing laboratory for synthetics and rubber and the determination of the behaviour of synthetics, rubber and textiles when exposed to chemical warfare agents

  • Accredited testing laboratory for the analysis of polymers, (thermoplastics, thermoplastic elastomers, thermosetting polymers and elastomers)
  • Resistance of synthetics, elastomers and textiles against chemical warfare agents
  • Use and application advice, damage investigations and quality assurance

STS 0054 Testing laboratory for the detection of biological agents

  • Analytics of special human pathogens and biological toxins
  • Specialist application of classic microbiological and biochemical methods and molecular biological diagnostics
  • Measuring teams: diagnostics of bacteria, analytics of biological toxins, medical biochemistry (cholinesterase measurement) and viral diagnostics

STS 0055 Testing laboratory for NBC protective material as well as equipment and installations for use in protective structures

  • Evaluation of the shock resistance of built-in components used in protective structures and concrete anchor systems
  • Blast stress testing of shelter components and explosion protection valves
  • Measurement of the flow resistance of air flow components
  • Measurement of the performance and power consumption of ventilators, ventilation and post-treatment for shelter ventilation systems

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