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Deployment Systems and Individual Protection

The Incident Response and Individual Protection Branch provides expertise and testing capacity for personal protective equipment, adsorbents and filters. It runs the Testing Laboratory (STS 0022) for Adsorbents and Breathing Apparatus Filters. The testing is to a large extent regulated by FOCP approval requirements.

The Branch ensures the interface between CBRNe protection and emergency response organisations (first responders) and advises the latter. It ensures the command support of the DDPS Emergency Response Team (EEVBS) and the operational readiness of the PAS.

Testing laboratory for adsorbents and respiratory protection filters STS 0022

  • Testing of adsorbents for military respiratory protection
  • Testing of gas retention capacity of respirator filters in accordance with DIN EN 14387
  • Testing of aerosol retention performance of HEPA/ULPA filters in accordance with EN 1822
  • Testing of NBC filters for collective protective structures

Integral testing of chemicals protection (ICP) as gas or aerosol (mist chamber)

  • System check of NBC personal protective equipment
  • Overall protection factor
  • Detection of weak points (local protection factors)

Measurement of internal leakage of NBC masks

  • Method comparable with DIN EN 136, using helium as test substance
  • Individual leakage test

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