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In our synthesis laboratory for highly toxic chemicals, minuscule amounts of chemical warfare agents are produced for reference and testing purposes. An internationally certified and accredited analytical laboratory develops methods for the analysis of environmental and biomedical samples in order to identify chemical warfare agents and their related compounds. In addition, our experts train specialists of the Swiss Armed Forces in the correct use of these methods. Our Detection and Decontamination Unit uses special testing facilities to evaluate chemical warfare agent detectors and decontamination agents. The Chemistry DDPS Emergency Response Team (C-EEVBS) supports the civil protection response teams in events involving toxic chemicals. Every year, we train two chemical laboratory technicians and offer individual places for academic internships, master’s theses and doctoral dissertations.

Spiez Laboratory Austrasse
CH-3700 Spiez
+41 58 468 14 00


Spiez Laboratory

CH-3700 Spiez