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Detection and decontamination

Testing toxic chemical detectors

Bringing together different parameters such as sensitivity, speed, low rate of false positives and negatives, selectivity, robustness as well as usability in a single instrument is a major challenge that no-one has yet managed to achieve. This is the reason why no perfect detection device exists, and why extensive tests are indispensable. We test and compare existing detection devices by measuring chemical warfare agents and toxic chemicals.

For detection device testing using gaseous substances, we use both qualitative and quantitative methods:

  • Qualitative studies using simple sniff tests
  • Quantitative measurements using our proprietary warfare agent enrichment apparatus

In order to test liquids and solids, we also employ and test other detection and measurement methods such as infrared and Raman spectroscopy. Chemical indicator papers offer further means of detection. Here, too, we can draw on our extensive collection of substances.

Testing chemical agent decontaminants

Decontaminants vary both in consistency and in chemical composition. Accordingly, they break down toxic chemicals in different ways. We have developed methods that allow us to determine, on a small scale, the efficacy of chemical agent decontaminants on different surfaces.

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