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Logistics, Quality and Safety Division

The LQS Division is responsible for the central services of Spiez Laboratory and provides on-site support. We see ourselves as an internal service provider with the mission to ensure that all Spiez Laboratory operations run smoothly. As member of Spiez Laboratory’s Management Board, Mauro Zanni oversees the operations, maintenance and development of the facility’s quality and security management system.

Material, Accounting and Controlling Branch

We manage accounts payable, accounts receivable and assets accounting, and support the Management Board and staff in implementing their financial plans. As well as ensuring a steady supply of goods for daily laboratory needs, we also manage the laboratory inventory, the shipment of goods and the purchase of laboratory equipment as well as interim storage and disposal of laboratory waste.

Management Support Branch

We provide administrative support to all Divisions of Spiez Laboratory including planning and booking business trips and organising vocational education and training. The Branch organises national and international meetings and conferences. In addition, we are responsible for the administration of quality management as well as integral safety. Team members actively participate in the project management of all specialist areas. We provide first-level support for the federal electronic records and process management application (GEVER) and also assist with other Office applications. We edit business correspondence in German, French and English and ensure compliance with specifications such as the Swiss Federal Administration’s corporate design. This broad range of tasks enables us to train a commercial apprentice (1st year).

Metrology and Information Technology Branch

We operate the IT infrastructure for the local computing system on the premises of the NBC Centre Spiez. This includes server, storage and network infrastructure, client and peripheral devices as well as standard and specialised software. We assist the Laboratory’s various Divisions with the evaluation and procurement of complex analytical systems and develop concepts for solving interface problems in laboratory and analytical systems as well as in data transfer.

Technical Services and Operations Branch

We are responsible for all technical and operational maintenance, first-level support and functionality of the NBC centre’s complex infrastructure. This includes, for example, the power and media supply, communication and alarm equipment, access controls, consumables, cleaning and environmental maintenance as well as the maintenance of the vehicle fleet. We offer vocational training for apprentices in operational maintenance.

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Labor Spiez

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