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Section Nuclear Chemistry

The Division’s core task is to deal with questions relating to nuclear chemistry and civil protection on behalf of the Swiss Confederation and its cantons. We closely follow developments in the military and civilian applications of nuclear technology and develop corresponding scenarios and threat analyses. Our expertise is also put to use in international organisations (IAEA, UNEP).

The department has a comprehensive set of technical tools, organised in two testing laboratories accredited in accordance with ISO/EN 17025:

  • for the assessment of a specific hazard
  • for monitoring the normal situation
  • for deployment in an extraordinary situation, including in the framework of the Nuclear DDPS Emergency Response Team (A-EEVBS)

Radiochemistry / Inorganic Analysis Branch

  • Examination of environmental samples such as water, soil, plants, dust, foodstuffs, technical products as well as unknown samples for contamination by pollutants, especially toxic heavy metals
  • Special analytical services in the context of forensic investigations
  • Environmental testing in climatic environments
  • Vocational apprenticeship training for chemical laboratory technicians

Radioactivity Branch

  • Measurement of radioactivity levels in the context of the general situation or in the event of a radiological/nuclear incident.
  • Development of new measurement methods
  • Participation in national as well as international working and standards groups

Radiation Protection and Mobile Measuring Branch

  • Ensuring legal conformity in radiation protection
  • Support of those responsible for radiation protection in the DDPS
  • Contact point for supervisory and licensing authorities
  • Coordination of training
  • Control of army and civil defence materials
  • Radioactivity measurements with mobile measuring equipment

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Spiez Laboratory

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