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About us

Our vision

"A world without weapons of mass destruction"

Spiez Laboratory, the Swiss Federal Institute for NBC-Protection, is a division of the Federal Office for Civil Protection.

We provide services relating to arms control, protection measures, health and incident management for international organisations, authorities and the general population. In this way we contribute scientifically to peace support and to the safety of humans and the environment.

We pride ourselves on our research excellence, interdisciplinary approach and clear priorities, which enable us to cover all aspects, both conceptual and technical, of NBC protection. Through our work, we help to advance peacebuilding and the health and safety of people and their environment.

We advise national authorities and international organisations on the implementation and development of arms control and non-proliferation treaties.

We take part in international arms control and environmental protection missions.

We support civil protection partner organisations with their NBC preparedness efforts and management of NBC events. and we advise the national authorities and the armed forces in procuring NBC protection equipment.

We advise the national authorities and the Swiss Armed Forces on the procurement of NBC protective equipment.

We develop and refine our NBC protection knowledge base and share it with both civilian and military agencies.

Together with the Swiss Armed Forces, we ensure that the resources needed to respond to a serious NBC event are ready to be deployed at any time

Spiez Laboratory Staff as on 1 January 2024

The Spiez Laboratory has a total of 107 employees. It is currently training seven apprentices.

Spiez Laboratory Austrasse
CH-3700 Spiez
+41 58 468 14 00


Spiez Laboratory

CH-3700 Spiez