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International conferences in September 2021

The Spiez Laboratory is organising two international conferences in September 2021. From 10 to 15 September, the 4th Spiez CONVERGENCE Workshop will be held. The 6th UNSGM Designated Laboratories Workshop will take place on 16 and 17 September.

07.09.2021 | Communication Spiez Laboratory

  • 10–15 September 2021: 4th Spiez CONVERGENCE Workshop on scientific and technological developments with a potential impact on arms control issues
  • 16/17 September 2021 : 6e UNSGM Designated Laboratories Workshop on the development of an international network of analytical laboratories in the field of biology

Both conferences will take place in a virtual format. Only invited persons can participate. The results of the work will be the subject of special reports.

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